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Q: What do you do?
I do theme makeovers, promo's, shout-out's, gif hunts, fc packs, masterlists, reviews, opinions, 1x1 help, AU Meme's, manips, tutorials, fc help, and many more! Depending on how much I have on my plate, I try to get to you all's requests as fast as I can. Theme makeovers take less than a day, but I still once my #5 request is put in.

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I’ve seen a lot of questions about this on my dash today, so I thought I’d make a masterlist of 100 titles, stereotypes, or labels you can use on your character biographies. 

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as requested by anon, here’s a guide on 1x1 roleplaying! 

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Hippieofrps edits a theme by Harryassists.

  • The following theme was originally this theme by harryassists with Marley’s permission I was allowed to edit it
  • All the sizes are on the live preview.
  • There are 4 links that you can edit to your liking. 
  • It’s best to keep the description to at the most of 4 lines.

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✦ moodboard gif hunt ✦


behold a lot of gifs you can use on moodboards. like/reblog this post if it helped you in any way. credits to whoever made these gifs.

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:・゚✧*:・゚✦ PSD (vintage) #121 made by ALLFORPS ® YOUR VALLEY OF RESOURCES ® don’t repost or claim as your own; if you liked my work and downloaded this psd like or reblog this post, please (it inspires me to make more). ↳ Download » CL « 

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Alright so. 


Haaaaan. I’m not fancy, and I don’t gots money like Chris Brown (even though I got his face) to buy photoshop so ya’ll get a gif that I didn’t even make. Fuck it, you’ll live. Anyway. I’d like to thank a few specific people cause ya’ll the shit and I love you.

meofrps // So you always been there for me, ever since we started talking. You’re my best friend and all the ships we have make me happy. You’re the one who brought me into the RP world and I wanna thank you for sticking by me even when I been fucked up, or when I push you away. I love you very much, babygirl.

papiknows-rph // You my twin. I miss talking to you on oovoo like all da time, but when I get time, I’ma make it up to you. You and I may have our differences but it makes us stronger in the end. Love you.

chance1x1 // You know you my nigga for life, man. We been through some shit, too. Mainly my fault but don’t forget I’m always here for you.

missrabbitofrps // Babyyyyyy. You’re such an amazing person, and I love you so much.. Our ships are crazy man. We’ve been through an emotional rollercoaster ride with them but I love it so much. Never leave meeeee please. Thanks. I love you.

1x1equals1 // You are the light of my life. I have no regrets in what happened in our ship because it has made our love stronger, in character and out. You’re my yungin’ for life. I love you, ma.

taelauren1x1 // You make me smile and laugh.. Sometimes I say the wrong things but you still put up with me, and I appreciate that a lot. You’re my bae4lyfe. Never forget that. Chreyton4eva. 

misshollyofrps // Now I know we ain’t know each other long but the way you and I clicked from the first messages we sent each other, I knew our ship was gon last. You love me, I know :D Haaaan. And I love you too, trust. Te amo, mami.

escobarofrps // Now.. YOU! You always challenging all my characters.. And I love the fuck out of it and you. Your style of RPing is actually so great, it makes me happy ;-; Thank you for being such a great partner and putting up with me lmfao. :3 

writing-n-shit // Baaaaaabeee. I been missing you and Dream so much, but we’re getting back on track. I love you beautiful, and we’re gon make this work. Gimme some lovin’, please. :*

kels-seeea // I have this strange feeling that you and I were like soulmates in another life asfdregaf. I love you, and our ship so much. It gives me so much life… :*

serfyofrps // You know I couldn’t forget about my Serfy bae. You the baddest bitch out here, and you my shawty for life in character and out. I been missing you sumn serious. Papi wants lovin’. *Smirk emoji* I love you lmao.

taeofrps // Diampiece :D You’re so cute and I want you in my bed. That’s pretty much it. Witchyo cute ass. I love you very much.

and last but not least

sheofrphs // You probably hate me, but… Nah, sike you love me. And you loved Marlon, too. Don’t PLAY! K I love you, Mari :3 I want kisses.

Other people I think are really fucking cool and I adore seeing on my dash:

thugofrps kaebae1x1 nellienatorreloaded aprilrhodesrps heezusofrp dannyandangierph dangerouslovefanfic jhennyandheavies1x1 milli1x1 muskaanrps er0ticfantasies furyofrps kae1x1 vincentassists caidens1x1 honeyrph gio1x1 king-phoenix-marie arinofrps rebelles1x1 fatboyofrps jordy1x1 heiressrps kimmy1x1 nofaddaa jasperxnotxcasper tyraofrps camille1x1 and nickis1x1.

Don’t be mad if I forgot you. I follow you for a reason, right? HAAAAN. Get it. Okay I’m done. Bye and thank you for following a nigga. Ya’ll the real MVPs.

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Mmmkay so this header thing that I was gonna do I decided I didn’t have the patience to wait for one so I used the one from my blog made by nellienatorreloaded

Okay first I wanna mention the people that have always had my back since I started this rph/rp personal. Honestly you’ve guys have helped me through so much even when I fucked up you were there and I appreciate that so much.

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Next is all you lovely babies that I enjoy seeing on my dash everyday, you guys light up my day with your posts, and most of you just seeing you on the dash just warms my heart.

thuggaofrps bowsofrp macclarkeofrp nickis1x1 taeofrps thececeofrp august1x1 augustofrps evil-1x1s kaebae1x1 babeh-guuh 1x1equals1 seanyeofrps sheofrphs kae1x1 jimmybrooks-2014 jhennyandheavies1x1 jodye-rps beybreezyrph jcombs1x1 dannyandangierph leoassists valtalks villuminati1x1 shower-rods misshollyofrps hoeface-1x1 kory1x1 kimmy1x1 allredrph writing-n-shit serfyofrps kingparisofrps kingsofthots-rph muskaanrps camille1x1 mamisaid-rps gio1x1 nyaspeaks

And lastly my 200th, and 201st followers. Thank you guys so much for following me ;-; it may seem like something small but it feels good to know people want to see me on their dash so thank you :*

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Females aren’t easy to figure out and that’s what these group of guy friends have come to realize. — Males, ugh. Pigs, “players”, jerks. What on earth was going on through their minds? Well these females couldn’t figure that out either. Each of these males had their own ways of dealing with women and each of these females had their own thoughts of how they should handle men. With both sides fighting to conquer one another..and various problems arising in the equation….the mind games shall begin.

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