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Q: What do you do?
I do theme makeovers, promo's, shout-out's, gif hunts, fc packs, masterlists, reviews, opinions, 1x1 help, AU Meme's, manips, tutorials, fc help, and many more! Depending on how much I have on my plate, I try to get to you all's requests as fast as I can. Theme makeovers take less than a day, but I still once my #5 request is put in.


So you've decided to start RPing on Tumblr and you're not quite sure where to start? Well here is a little guide on how to do so! If you have any questions, please message me!

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Font Pack #2: Please like or reblog if you download! :3

[Always forever] · [Always In My Heart] · [Austie Bost Descriptions] · [Chanda Feliz] · [Diamond Dust] · [Jenna Sue] · [Karine aime les Chocolats] · [Kleymissky] · [Living the Dream] · [Throw My Hands Up in the Air]

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G r a d i e n t s  b y  l a v e r n e r p s

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i finally made it to 400. whoop whoop hey na. I just wanna take this time to thank a few special lil shits that i've come along during this journey of role playing.
august1x1 - hey cheater, i don't like you ): you always wanna punish Heather i dont APPROVE! I love yo ass so much my stranger ass did a good ass job sliding into yo fm that day u_u my physic tingled telling me to cuff you up u_u. I love you baby, Augether 5eva.
kae1x1 CAINE AKA MY FIANCE WOW i love you so much babe, even though you're a little shit as well :-) i love da shit out of ya guh, i feel like bonnie i've been pregnant for yeARS you just love me being fat i can't even but yeah u_u boo you whore.
nofaddaa - fuck you and goodnight. \(:D)z
furyofrps - bitch you ain't shit, t( i saw yo biscuit head ass trynna steal my wigs i don't approve ho. jk love you bae xo you're truely the best.
thugofrps - the wanna be thug ya always got me weaked hey tyga boo snatch my panties off ANYDAY. Ya heard omfg this is ratchet idnksldjnlk but yeah i love you fam. you still ain't a thug ether , and you no longer have permission to sex me goodnight.
sheofrphs - bitch, ugh *rolls eyes* i love ya ass so much dawg. ): yo, ole spongebob groupie ass ugh kjdslkjnks you're my true homie and ya know what it is whats understood ain't gotta be explained ya heardt.
murdaofrps - just want char to know, ghost pussy is the best pussy kdjbnsKLJNELdkBdsbd
nellienatorreloaded - best for last ig, yeah i love you dude. you're very awkward but i dont care?!?!??! so um yeah chill with he feeling weird thingy because it doesn't even bother me one bit so can i have old nellie back? the 1 eye roleplay w/ and she didn't leave me hung yes? ok? no? alright well still love u gn.


rebelles1x1 papiknows-rph beybreezyrph breezyandtygaofrp caidens1x1 [cant tag laila whats this bs] chance1x1 cassieofrps christina-tho dannyandangierph demoniczayn emiliaofrps emmy-said-no fatboyofrps gaysrph heiressrps zendayaaofrps jhennyandheavies1x1 jodye-rps kingsofthots-rph mercyofrp nickis1x1 writing-n-shit

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so i’ve made it to 2hunnid and first lemme just say I’m not shit and never will be 

dannyandangierph: Thanks for the graphic

breezyandtygaofrp: Breezy you fat ass nigga always eating all the damn cookies and shit but its okay i love you brother. Ty you bae forever and ever and ever no one is allowed to have you but me -__- your skinny ass has been a pain in the neck but i love you.

kae1x1 i don’t like yo lil chink ass you give me chest pains but thses past years has proved that you’re not going anywhere and well i hope it stays that way. Cause we’re truly chris & kae 

thuggaofrps: god… I really tried to convince myself that we’d never be on this level but we are. You’re an amazing person 

nellienatorreloaded fuck you -,- always leaving me for harpo.

writing-n-shit you get on my damn nerves all the time, i love our ships we the best. I’m letting you know that you musty as fuck , evil and all but no judgement here. it’s all love B

jodye-rps lemme just start off by saying you’re the most vreative person i know here. Our ship was dope you’re a really caring person and though we don’t talk as much you still ma nigga ^_^. I wan be like you when i grow up your characters slay my life. The back stories behind them all are so dope man please teach me your ways.

furyofrps need to let me get up in them guts doe lsdhasoda. naw i’m fucking with ya but you’re a good person with a big heart. I value our friendship a lot you’re always there for me and i couldn’t ask for anything more then just that.

gio1x1 you’re funny as fuck. I love our 1x1 though you be wanting to kill nicki half the time but i just enjoy your company. you’re very entertaining

ygdyme1x1 ugly asss..dusty ass..nigga! tbh no matter what we go through you’re mine ever. you not allowed to be nobody else’s august but MINE. -,- don’t let me catch you slipping or i’ma set all your shit on fire. you’re not shit was slays me i love your personality 

heiressrps lil homie. You seriously need some halp and get some soon ratchet ass. our rp life has me in tears all the time it’s nothing but laughter when we’re together

nickis1x1 listen ma’am I don’t like you lmfaoo. naw you my lil sister for life you get on my damn nerves you know that? but you got a lil place in my heart

kingsofthots-rph my niggas for life. y’all thot ass kept me dead in mr.right especially marcus crooked hairline having ass. #keepthotin’2k14 it’s all love

ashley-ofrps chris loves you you the best rph wife ever keep up the good work and keep the love coming

aja-rps we gone be great one of these days. we shall prosper

hazel-haan look lil crazy ass girl.. devin loves you stop the bull for i make him knock you up

it’s a lot of you and shit so don’t be mad at me but here’s some people that keep me laughing and shit.

kory1x1 meofrps sheofrphs skylar1x1 nofaddaa jimmybrooks-2014 camille1x1 papiknows-rph fatboyofrps flameofrps kaebae1x1 kaylas-1x1s  milli1x1 augustofrps nickipink-cmb ealy-rptalks misshollyofrps missrabbitofrps nyaspeaks 

therpgcritics tearps jhennyandheavies1x1 lovechraaliyah landof—gods onikaof-rps breezyandtygaofrp kimmy1x1 nanasindie-rp nalalissa1x1 emmy-said-no beybreezyrph augustofrps tyraofrps bowsofrp 

if I forgot you i’m sorry or i probably don’t fucking care  Thank you all for everything. I love this rp shit and all of you make me wanna keep pushing and be more creative with it. Remember even a young thug nigga like me got love for ya 


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hey there as requested by anonymous under the cut you will find #370 mostly textless and medium gifs of caitlin stasey. none of these gifs are mine, all the credits go to the orginal makers. if you want me to remove any of your gifs don't hesitate to message me. also i'm sorry for the repeats. like or reblog if this helped you.


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Under the cut are 120 gifs of Kate Bracken. Please like if you are using and none of these gifs are mine.


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Hindu Characters


Anonymous asked you:

Guides to portray a character that’s hindi? I don’t know much about religion, customs, manners and basically the role of women in this society… Thanks!

Hindi is a language. Do you mean Hindu?

You’ll have to do a lot of research and it’d be best to ask an actual Hindu person (if they’re willing to share their experiences). Keep in mind that a person’s religion does not define them. I’ll get you started on research:

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text on gifs { 2 types } - tutorial


requested by millie
this tutorial is for gifs like this


 and this


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hi, hello! i had no wifi while i was away so i got bored one night and this happened. i thought it was kind of cute??? idk. it would probably be best for celeb roleplays or smth, but if anyone uses it please message me; i’d love to see what you do with it! please only like if you’re using and reblog if you’re a rph! if you have any questions feel free to message me! 
  • font used is confusion girl (you must type in all caps to use)
  • png is mine pls don’t take from the psd
  • gradient is harryassists’
  • if you look closely the lights in the city in the background are twinkling how pretty
  • everything is labeled for easy editing! 
  • download: (x)

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